Senior councillors will discuss plans for the future of the former Bryn Estyn and surrounding Erlas site in the New Year.

We started looking at the possible future of the site in 2011, when we carried out an office accommodation strategy to look at how we use all of our office buildings and whether or not they could be improved – or sold or demolished.

Plans for Erlas were examined as part of that review, and back in 2015, we commissioned an ecological survey for the site to prepare it either for sale or demolition.


A lot of work was done to look at the ecological impact either option would have on the land – but those surveys are now out of date, and new surveys will be needed.

With that in mind, our Executive Board will be looking at proposals for the site when they next meet in January.

Proposals in front of the Board will include carrying out ecological surveys to allow us to demolish Erlas House.

Our Adult Social Care department will also work alongside the Erlas Victorian Walled Garden group, who currently lease part of the site to provide training opportunities to adults with learning disabilities, to see what their plans are for the future as part of our adult social care work opportunities review.

We’ve also worked closely with Operation Pallial to make sure residents of the former Bryn Estyn are kept up to date with plans for Erlas.

And we’ve also liaised with First Choice Housing, and the Armed Forces Rehabilitation Centre, both of whom use or operate out of the site to make sure they know what our plans are.

The proposals will be discussed by members of the Executive Board on Tuesday, January 8.

The closing date for 2019 nursery school applications is February 22