Garden waste bin

The garden waste collection service annual charge that was originally due to be introduced back in April but was suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic will now restart on Monday, August 31.

As we were in lockdown it was decided that we would continue to empty all garden waste bins from April as the Household Recycling Centres had to close due to the restrictions about non-essential travel.


The charge is the same as before – £25 per green garden waste bin per-year. Anyone who has not signed up by August 31 will no longer have their garden waste bin(s) emptied.

If you’ve already paid for the garden waste service, you don’t need to do anything.

If you already paid for the service earlier in the year you don’t need to do anything…you will receive a full 12 months service until August 31, 2021.

Please continue to display the original sticker you were sent as new ones won’t be sent out (it doesn’t matter that the contract date showing is now incorrect, your bin(s) will still get collected until August 31, 2021).

The decision to introduce this charge wasn’t taken lightly, but after cuts to local government funding we had no choice but to join other councils in charging for this discretionary service.

“£25 per garden waste bin, per year”

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “At the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic we took the decision to delay the introduction of the paid for garden waste service as the restrictions meant that using the Household Recycling Centres was not possible. Now that they have re-opened we’ve taken the decision to start the paid for garden waste service from Monday 31 August.

“The charge is the same as before – £25 per garden waste bin, per year – which is the lowest possible charge we could introduce, and it’s still one of the lowest in England and Wales.

“Anyone who has already paid for the service earlier in the year will automatically receive a full 12-months service from the new start date.”

I haven’t paid for the garden waste service but now want to sign up

We expect to be able to accept new payments shortly, but we haven’t got a confirmed date for this as of yet. We’ll be in touch through our news blog and social media channels with more details when we have them. The simplest way you’ll be able to pay is online at a time that suits you. If this is not possible, you’ll be able to call the contact centre to make a payment by card. New customers will receive an updated sticker which will state the contract year as ended August 31, 2021.

I don’t want to have a garden waste bin anymore

If this is the case we’ll pick it up. You will be able to go online to MyAccount and either login or sign up to ask for it to be taken away. We’ll collect it, but it won’t be straight away so please be patient. If in the future you change your mind and wish to pay to have a green bin emptied you will have to buy a new bin if you’ve already sent yours back.

I don’t want to pay but want to keep my garden waste bin

That’s fine. You can keep hold of it for the future but we won’t empty it. If you do decide to pay for your green bin to be emptied in the future you also won’t have to pay for a new green bin.

We hope you will continue to have your garden waste bin emptied by us as we want to see Wrexham’s recycling rates continue to increase year on year, but times are really hard and we understand if you don’t wish to pay for this service.

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