If you are a foster carer for Wrexham county Borough Council , you will now be able to get a 75% reduction in your council tax bill.

The new incentive aims to encourage prospective foster carers who live in the Wrexham area to apply with Wrexham County Borough Council’s fostering team. This policy also makes becoming  a foster carer for Wrexham Council more attractive to potential foster carers and will ensure that local children are kept in the Wrexham area, which to many children is very important as Wrexham is where their home and family are as well as providing continuity in education, health and community.


Will I be eligible?

You will be eligible if you:

  • Have been approved to be a foster carer through the Wrexham council’s fostering panel
  • Have provided a foster placement for a child or young person  within the past financial year
  • Have offered generic or kinship fostering to a child or young person

All current foster carers living in Wrexham will receive a revised bill with the 75% reduction applied.

If you live outside of Wrexham County Borough you must send a copy of your council tax demand and the team will be able to process a 75% reduction which you will then receive the equivalent payment for this.

“We need to recruit more foster carers”

Cllr Andrew Atkinson Lead Member for Young People said, “We need to recruit more foster carers and we think this is a great way of doing it. It makes it more attractive as a package to be a foster carer for the local authority. I hope it will make people look at the council over perhaps a private agency and actually realise the other benefits the council offer as well.  It is about keeping Wrexham children in Wrexham which is incredibly important.“

This new policy will assist with the recruitment and retention of foster carers and will reduce the number of children placed with independent fostering agencies outside of the county borough. It will also improve the outcomes for looked after children and reduce the financial and resource implications of children being placed in external provision and ‘out of borough’ placements.

Get in touch…

For more information about how to become a foster carer for Wrexham Council please contact the fostering team:

If you would like more information on fostering, please contact Wrexham Fostering Service and ask to speak to the Recruitment Officer: 01978295316 or

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