Throughout December the National Trading Standards Scam Team are running a SCAMnesty campaign to ask everyone to look out for any scam mail and send it to them for investigation.

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I have some mail I think might be a SCAM

In that case send it free of charge to the National Trading Standards Scams Team to be investigated.

Mail it to FREEPOST, NTSST, Mail Marshalls.

The team will reply to those who send in their post using the Freepost address.

You can find out more about the SCAMnesty campaign and visit the team’s privacy policy on their website.

Roger Mapleson, Trading and Licensing Lead said, “Scams come in all forms and this campaign is specific to those out of the blue offers received through the post. Please don’t hesitate to send them off in order to prevent others from falling foul of these criminal traders.”

Advance Fee Scams Often Include:

  • Official language or stamps/seals
  • The amount that you’re entitled to (in this case £147,000) as they know it will entice people
  • A sense of urgency (respond within 7 days, before the deadline etc.)
  • Sometimes certificates or fake cheques
  • Use of your name throughout to personalise it, making it seem like this is just for you
  • Requests for cash in advance as an “admin fee” to release funds you’re supposedly entitled to

Clairvoyant Or Psychic Scams Often Include:

  • Promises of happiness, hope, money etc., to sell a dream to the recipient
  • A picture of the clairvoyant to make the sender seem more personal
  • Use of the recipient’s first name throughout
  • Requests for cash to get more information/specific details about your future
  • Offers of trinkets, treasures or charms that will bring good luck – for a price

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Be aware of the latest scams – Stop, Challenge, Protect

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