Become a Mighty Recycler and help get Wales to number one – 8 TOP TIPS

Welsh citizens are ahead of the game when it comes to recycling. We’re the world’s third best recyclers in fact. But we need your help to get us to number one.

Over 90% of us recycle regularly, but with half of us still not recycling everything we can, there’s more we can do. If each of us re-used or recycled just one more thing each day, it would make a huge difference.

Become a mighty recycler, protect the planet and help get Wales to number in the world by doing the following:

1. If it’s plastic and bottle shaped, recycle it

Most of us recycle. In fact, over 88% of us recycle plastic bottles such as drinks bottles, cleaning product bottles and toiletry bottles. Don’t forget to empty, crush and replace the lids before recycling. Trigger sprays can be left on cleaning bottles.

2. Give it a quick rinse

For pots, tubs and trays, just give them a quick rinse before recycling them; remember to remove the plastic film. There’s no need to get every spot of food off, and dishwashing them is a step too far – and a waste of energy!

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3. Recycle aerosol cans from every room

Metal recyclables such as aerosol cans can be recycled again and again and again without losing quality. Don’t forget to recycle empty aerosol cans from your bedroom and bathroom, such as hairspray, deodorant and shaving gel aerosols. Recycling just two aerosol cans saves enough energy to power a DJ set for one hour.

4. Recycle all your food waste

Whilst 80% of us recycle our food waste, some food waste still ends up in the rubbish bin. Don’t forget waste such as coffee grounds, eggshells, bones and peelings can all be recycled.

5. Remove food from card packaging

Remove chunks of food from paper and card packaging before recycling. For example, you can put in the pizza box, just make sure that any food has been removed.

6. Use the scrunch test

Not sure if a piece of paper can be recycled? Try scrunching it up in your hand. If it doesn’t spring back, then it can be recycled. It’s a good test to use with wrapping paper. And if you’re recycling birthday cards, tear off any glittery bits first.

7. Give it a quick squish

Give plastic bottles a quick squish – that’ll save room in your recycling container and make them more efficient to transport. Scrunch foil items loosely together to help them get through the sorting process without getting lost.

8. If you’re not sure, check

If you’re not sure if, how or where you can recycle an item, visit Wales Recycles’ Recycling Locator at Just put in your postcode and the answer will pop up.

To learn more about the mighty mission to help get Wales to number one, visit

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