Social services help hold communities in Wales together. But what does it involve, and who does it help?

Social services exist to provide support that’s focused on improving the well-being of families, children, adults and carers.

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Though the role of social services is complex and varied, it is underpinned by providing vital care and support. They provide a voice for families, children, adults and carers, creating a safe and healthy environment.

We asked some of our fantastic staff how and why they chose a career in social work.

Charlie – Social Worker (Children’s Services)

The reason I chose social work is because I enjoy working with vulnerable adults and young people to help them achieve their goals, as well as give them a sense of achievement.

Finishing university and starting a new role as a social worker in Children’s Services through a pandemic has been a challenge that no one could have predicted or prepared me for.

We have had to find new ways to reach out to young people and had to be inventive with our approach, which has been interesting.

I feel I have a lot more to learn and develop my practice and have been very fortunate to start my new role with the support from my friends from university who have also started in the same team because they understand the daily pressure of the role and give emotional support for which, I am grateful.

Abbie – Social Worker (Assessment & Intervention Team)

When asked why I chose to be a social worker, I would say because I have always been interested in a career in social work with a passion for promoting human rights and social justice.

In my first year of practice I have had the opportunity to work with different families across Wrexham who all have their own diverse experiences and needs.

No two days are the same and so far being a social worker has been challenging, yet very rewarding.

Having the opportunity to witness the positive difference that social work can make to children and their families has been fulfilling and something that I always strive to ensure is that the children’s voice, feelings and experiences are at the forefront of my practice.

Faye Jamieson, Social Worker – Adult Safeguarding & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Team

The social work profession shares many of my personal values and beliefs.

For me, it was a revelation to find a profession that upheld core principles of equality, the promotion of human rights, social justice, the dignity and worth of others, and recognises the importance of human relationships.

How could I not become a social worker?!

In my daily role, working alongside individuals in Wrexham who may be unable to express or uphold the above principles for themselves is a huge privilege.

Broadly speaking, our team work with adults at risk of abuse, their advocates and other professionals to support individuals to live a life free from abuse. A role in a profession that is often challenging whilst being incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

For more information on becoming a social worker you can click on the link to the Social Care Wales website: Social Care Wales

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