Garden waste bin

Do you use a green bin regularly?

If so, read on…

Back when we carried out our Difficult Decisions exercise in the winter of 2017, one of the proposals we put out to the public was charging for extra green bins – which was later implemented.

But a lot of you came back to us and send that in order to make better use of our resources, we could drop the amount of green bin collections during the winter, when demand for the green bins is traditionally low.


We’ve gone through the numbers, and the amount of garden waste people leave for kerbside collections tends to drop pretty dramatically in December and doesn’t pick up again until March, when people start doing more gardening in the spring.

As such we’re looking at dropping green bin collections down to just one a month during the months of December, January and February, rather than the usual fortnightly collections.

On October 23, a special meeting of the Executive Board will take place, and the possible changes to green bin collections will be one of the items discussed.

What about extra green bins?

If you’ve paid for an extra green bin, under these proposals they’ll still be collected the same time as your free green bin – the change in the amount of collections won’t affect that. You’ll still have all of your green bins emptied.

How would I keep an eye on collections?

If these moves are approved, we’ll be updating our MyUpdate e-mail alerts system to keep people in the loop as to when their green bins should go out during those winter months.

And we’ll put out plenty of notice via social media and our Wrexham Council News blog before the moves come into effect, to make sure people don’t miss the collection date.

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