For the first time in our history, Wrexham County Borough Council has bought back a former council house – and we’ve got 26 others within scope.

The Housing Wales Act (2014) gave us the chance to improve our housing stock through our on-going Welsh Housing Quality Standards (WHQS) work, to build new social housing-which is underway– and to buy back properties.

In addition, since January of 2005, all council homes sold under Right to Buy are covered by Right of First Refusal Regulations, meaning owners have to give either us at Wrexham Council, or another Registered Social Landlord, the right of first refusal to purchase their property, before they go on the open market.


It can get a bit complicated and as with everything, there are rules, but boiled down it means we’re able to buy back former council properties, where conditions are met.

Buying back

So, for the first time in our history our Housing Department has started buying back ex-council houses, so we can increase our stock and make sure there’s more social housing available.

Cllr David Griffiths, Lead Member for Housing, said: “We’ll always work hard to extend and improve our council housing stock, so we can be sure that we can provide a ready supply of affordable housing in the Wrexham area.

“Buying back properties is just one way we can achieve that, but I’d advise anyone who owns a former council property, bought from us in the last 10 years to get in touch with us.”

We’re currently in the process of buying back former council properties in Pentre Maelor, Southsea and Plas Madoc.

However, our Housing Department is always on the lookout for other ex-Right to Buy properties, which we might be able to buy back.

“Get in touch”

If you own an ex-council property and you’d like to offer it for sale, contact our Business Support Team on 01978 298993, or e-mail

Picture: Cllr David Griffiths, Lead Member for Housing, at one of the homes in Pentre Maelor with Cllr Michael Morris, local member for Holt Ward.

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