A  report called the “All Wales Comparative Performance for 2016 – 17” has been released which gives information on how well councils in Wales have performed.

The report follows a range of nationally agreed indicators that have been given to the Welsh Government by all local authorities.  The Data Unit Wales then collates and analyses the information and brings the report together this then shows how each authority has performed compared to others.


“top in Wales in four areas”

We have maintained or improved our performance in 19 out of 26 indicators and came the top or joint top in Wales in four areas:

  • The percentage of food establishments which are broadly compliant with food hygiene standards
  • The percentage of visits to local authority sport and leisure facilities during the year where visitors will be taking part in physical activity
  • The low percentage of pupils in LA care in any LA maintained school, who leave compulsory education, training or work based learning without an approved external qualification.
  • The percentage of  final statements of special education needs issued within 26 weeks.

On the whole Wrexham compares well to all other Welsh local authorities and Cllr Mark Pritchard welcomed the report and said:

“During these financially challenging times it’s good to see that we are continuing to improve in key areas and I am pleased to see we are number one in 4 different areas. We must not be complacent, however, and we must continue to work and improve to give the very best service to our residents.  I would like to thank all staff for their commitment and dedication to our standard of service.”

The report does not include any Social Services’ data as this will be published later in the year.

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