Victoria School Recycling
Victoria CP Eco Committee with Catherine Golightly

Pupils at Victoria Community Primary School are taking it upon themselves to show others why it’s important to recycle.

The Wrexham school’s Eco Committee attended a recycling workshop last October, and as the pupils were so impressed with what they learnt, they wanted to tell the rest of their school about it.

The recycling workshop took place in the Education Room at our Bryn Lane Recycling Centre…Victoria CP is one of a number of schools that have made use of the facilities here.

A viewing window allows pupils to see how recyclable materials are bulked-up, ready to be taken away and recycled into new products.


Catherine Golightly, Waste Strategy Officer for Wrexham Council runs the sessions that give the pupils an interactive recycling experience, and she had this to say: “I love running the workshops at the Education Room and was delighted when the Eco Committee invited me to their assembly.

“It makes the workshops worthwhile, when you can see that the information is really being taken on board. The fact they want to educate their whole school is wonderful.

“The pupils should be very proud of what they presented.”

And they made sure they did tell the rest of their school…shortly after the workshop, the Eco Committee began planning an assembly to feed the information back to their school.

Debbie Eccles, Headteacher at Victoria CP School told us: “I just want to say how proud I am of the children for engaging in this issue and the genuine commitment they are showing to reducing plastic – and other waste – in school.

“It’s a great example of pupil-voice having meaningful, and hopefully sustainable, impact. Thank you to Catherine for inspiring the children.”

The assembly took place on Tuesday, January 28, and we were lucky enough to be in attendance!

We can report that it was fantastic…the pupils were well-informed, clear and concise, and they put across the benefits of recycling extremely well.

Here’s a short video we took from the assembly…

Several pupils talked about their visit in front of a PowerPoint presentation that was projected onto a big screen behind them.

They covered topics such as the different types of bins, what can be recycled, what happens to our recycling, and why it’s important not to contaminate recycling.

Cllr. David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “This is a great story about a group of young people using good initiative to educate others about recycling.

“If they can inspire others – and not just other youngsters, older generations too – it would be great for Wrexham.

“We have fantastic learning facilities in the Education Room at our Bryn Lane Recycling Centre, and this shows that Catherine’s sessions are having an impact.”

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