We never thought we’d hear Wrexham and Premier League trophy in the same sentence 😉

Well, thanks to the incredible Clywedog and Taff class (Year 3) at St Mary’s Primary school, this was made possible on Friday, July 5, as the school received a visit from the famous trophy in reward for the class winning Sky Ocean Rescue and the Premier League’s Plastic Pollution Challenge.

You may remember our blog from a few weeks ago, telling you about how the class visited Sky Studios in London to present a news report about their recycling pledge ‘Think and Reuse’.


They were competing against nine other schools to become overall national winners and their presentation clearly made a big impact as they were chosen ahead of the other schools.

“Deserving champions”

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport said, “I was really impressed when I learnt of the work of St Mary’s Clywedog and Taff class across Wrexham, which led to them being invited to Sky Studios to make their recycling presentation.

“And therefore it’s no surprise that they were then crowned overall winners. They’re fantastic – a credit to Wrexham – and if anyone of us needs any inspiration to recycle, they should look no further than these deserving champions.”

As well as the Premier League trophy, the school were also visited by Plasticus (the Sky Ocean Rescue whale), plus some other special guests.

Think and Reuse

The class had previously been spreading their ‘Think and Reuse’ message across Wrexham by asking local cafes to put their ‘Refill not Landfill’ recycling posters in their shop windows.

Rachel Acton, Headteacher at St Mary’s said: “We’re so proud of our Year 3 children who are educating our school community with their pledge ‘Think and Reuse.’ It’s so important that our children understand their responsibility to look after our planet and they, alongside our Eco Committee, are truly leading the way.”

“It’s wonderful to think that through their work, the children have been inspired to think of new initiatives to improve recycling facilities in the school and to educate all members of the school community, including the catering staff.”


Think and Reuse put into action

The whole of St. Mary’s have now taken on the ‘Think and Reuse’ pledge. In future events such as discos and sports days, single-use plastics will be avoided. A ‘no plastic lunchbox challenge’ has been introduced encouraging children and parents to think, “Do I really need plastic packaging?”

School assemblies about the alternatives to single-use plastics have also taken place. The children are also in the process of making plastic bottle greenhouses and the school has introduced a crisp packaging recycling scheme.

What do the children say?

Here’s some great quotes from some of the children from St Mary’s

Cali: “I think it’s so important to reduce and recycle plastic as it’s our world and we need to protect it.”

Eric: “We’ve learnt so much about recycling in our plastic topic and I think we should try and teach everyone how important it is and why.”

Austeja: “We want people to think before they buy plastic. Do they really need to buy it or can they use a reusable item such as a bag, lunchbox or bottle instead?”

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