How to wear a face covering

Wearing a face covering can help to protect yourself and others from coronavirus.

There are two types of face coverings – re-usable and single use.

Re-usable or washable face coverings are better for the environment – but make sure yours has at least 3 layers of close woven cotton, as silk like materials do not protect.

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But how do you wear one safely?

Here’s how…

Before putting the face covering on, wash your hands or use hand sanitiser to kill any germs.

Now you are safe to put on your face covering.

Firstly, make sure you have your face covering the right way up.

Now, holding only the straps, lift it up to your face and attach behind your ears, or around the back of your head, depending on the fitting type.

Your face covering should fit from above the tip of your nose to below your chin and should be tight to your face with no gaps.

When in use, avoid lowering the face covering below your nose or mouth, and do not touch the outside of it with your hands.

To take the face covering off, you should wash or sanitise your hands.

Then, using the straps again, pull it away from your face.

Avoid touching the outside as it may be infected.

Single use face coverings should be disposed of safely, whilst re-usable ones should be washed as soon as you return home.

Carry a small plastic bag, such as a food freezer bag, to place your face covering inside after removal until you get home.

Finally, wash or sanitise your hands one final time.

Follow these tips to make your face covering as effective as possible.

Protect yourself and others.

Together we’ll keep Wales safe.

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