Do you use Alyn Waters Cafe? If so we’d like you to take the time to make your views known about the future of the cafe by leaving your thoughts and ideas on the Ideas Tree that’s been put in place for you to use.

The cafe is owned by our Environment Department and Adult Social Care have, for a number of years, run it by providing work opportunities to their clients.

As part of the budget process earlier it was agreed to review this arrangement and commercial and charitable organisations were asked to let us know if they would be interested in taking on the running of the cafe. You can read more about this in the article below.

Could you run this cafe?


We received a good level of response which shows there are a range of businesses and organisations who would be interested in taking the Cafe forward, contributing to the well-being of Wrexham and creating new partnerships and opportunities on the site.

The tree will be available for you to use for the next three weeks.

You can take part here

Pictured above with the Ideas Tree behind them are Tony, Richard, Ken and Cynan who, along with their friend John (currently away) have been going to the cafe every day for 8 years. they would like to see things stay as they are as they think the cafe is a great place and their message was not to change things.

Providing opportunities for people with disabilities was something they all felt was important and made the cafe the friendly and inclusive place that keeps them coming back.

They are now encouraging everyone who uses the cafe to make their views known by using the Ideas Tree.

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