Executive Board

We recently published our Welsh Language Standards Monitoring Report which contained an incorrect paragraph relating to a cyber attack at the office of Welsh Language Commissioner (WLC) last December.

The report was considered by Executive Board on 8 June.

The report stated that the attack had a significant impact on communications with their office until recently. This was incorrect and the Commissioner has asked us to correct this which we are happy to do and we apologise that this error happened.

They have asked us to point out that

“The Welsh Language Commissioner’s Office was the subject of a cyber attack on 10 December which had a significant impact on our operations. All our social media communications were active throughout and were not affected by the attack. In addition, through dedication of our staff and the support of external agencies, our e-mail and telephone services were operational before Christmas. This ensured that the attack only had a short term impact on our external communications.”

At the meeting members of the Board resolved:

That the 2020/21 Welsh Language Annual Monitoring Report be approved.

Reasons for decisions

(i) To ensure that the Council carries out its duties with regard to the Welsh
language as outlined in its Welsh Language Standards.
(ii) To enable the Welsh Language Annual Monitoring Report for 2020/21 to be
published on its website as required by the Welsh Language Commissioner in accordance with Standards 158, 164 and 170.

The minutes of that meeting, which will be considered in July, will refer to the error and correct the relevant paragraph.

We will continue to work with our partners, individuals and organisations across Wrexham and Wales to promote and support the Welsh language and the Welsh Government’s aim of 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050.