gas canisters

We want to issue an important reminder to residents that they need to be extra careful and follow the correct guidelines for disposing of any self-combustible items such as batteries or gas canisters.

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “Hazardous waste items including batteries, gas cylinders, chemicals or other possible sources of heat should never be placed in your general waste. Putting these items in your bin can cause fires to break out at the recycling centres, creating dangerous situations and putting many people at risk.

“Let’s not forget the terrible impact this has on the environment as well. We don’t want the toxic materials within the items getting released, which is harmful to the environment and human health. Please be responsible and recycle the items, or where possible return them to the supplier you got them from.”

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What should I do?


Lithium batteries are the biggest causes of fires within waste facilities. You can recycle all types of batteries at the three recycling centres in Wrexham – even car batteries!

But if it’s just your everyday household batteries you’re looking to recycle, and if it’s more convenient for you, you should have the option to recycle them at a local shop too.

That’s because since February 2010, shops who sell more than 32kg of batteries a year (approx. 345 x four-packs of AA batteries) have to provide battery recycling facilities in-store…so all the larger supermarkets and retailers provide these.

Gas canisters

Gas canisters are potentially hazardous and should never be put in your rubbish bin. If you have one it’s best to check with the company you bought it from as they should be able to refill or dispose of it for you.

The smaller non-refillable gas bottle canisters (used for small cooking heaters) can be recycled with plastics and cans at kerbside ONLY IF they have no fluid or gas inside. If they do have anything left in them you will need to take them to one of the three recycling centres.

Disposable BBQs

Disposable barbecues can cause fires if they aren’t dealt with correctly, so please be careful if you use these at all.

Hot coals should only be disposed of in general waste bins after they have been fully cooled. This can be done either by waiting 48 hours, or by soaking the items in cold water until the temperature has been lowered.

It’s much better to avoid disposable barbecues if possible. Like many single use products they offer convenience but at the cost of the planet. Disposable barbecues can’t be recycled, plus having a reusable one will work out much cheaper for you in the long run.

For further information about recycling in Wrexham, please visit

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