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Foster Wales Wrexham is joining up with local authorities from across the UK to form a new virtual team for the World Cup with the aim of achieving just one goal – to recruit more foster carers.

Twenty seven local authorities from across the UK have joined Local Councils United – a new virtual team – to share clips for each day of the World Cup and unique reasons why people should foster with their local council.

Each day of the football tournament a council shares a video with the “Help a young person achieve their goal” message.

The campaign brings together a united fostering community, to share with everyone why people should foster with your local authority.

Football teams, carers, young people and families will all be featured in the clips during the World Cup campaign with the hashtag #FosterWithYourCouncil2022

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Rosemarie – Wrexham foster carer

“I didn’t hesitate when asked to be part of the campaign to help recruit new foster carers to make a difference in a young person’s life, it can be so rewarding both for you and the young person.”

Gary – Wrexham foster carer

“We’re really happy to be part of this campaign to bring to light the huge impact a great foster carer can have on a child’s life. When we were approached to take part in the film we didn’t need to give it a second thought to in join in and share the message “Foster with your local authority”

Lisa –Wrexham foster carer

“Being a part of the recruitment campaign was a bit of light relief for a morning, and enabled us to put out there how dedicated foster carers are much needed, always.”

Cllr. Rob Walsh, Lead Member for Children’s Services said:

“Football has the unique ability to bring the residents of our communities together. Fostering is exactly the same. It creates a sense of shared community and togetherness. We at Wrexham County Borough Council are proud to join forces with local councils across the UK to celebrate fostering and promote its wider benefits for everyone. We are looking for people who can help a child in care. To help them feel they belong, help them play a positive role in our communities. By joining the fostering team here at Wrexham County Borough Council you will be making a difference to local children. Let`s unite as a fostering community and send out the message why you should foster here in Wrexham.”

Rhian Thomas – Senior Head of Service for Children’s Social Care said:

“We are proud to join forces with local councils across the UK to raise the importance of fostering. Fostering and football brings people and communities from all walks of life together for a common purpose. And so local authorities are coming together as a united fostering community, to share why you should foster with your local authority.”

Kicking off the campaign on 21 November will be Northumberland County Council with Medway Council providing the final video on Day 27.

Wrexham will be featured on 12th December and will include a video with some of Wrexham’s amazing foster carers at Brickfield Rangers one of our local football clubs and the Foster Wales team there’s even a few glimpses of Wrob & Wryan.

Foster Wales will share each of the council’s campaigns every day on Twitter so please follow @foster_wales

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