Childcare Providers

We’ve changed our approach to how we deal with referrals to children’s services to ensure the child is kept at the heart of the assessments made.

We now do more to understand the child’s circumstances and what they want. As well as recognising the strengths and capabilities of their family.

The Children’s Single Point of Access team has also been made bigger.  This team is the first point of contact for anyone making a new referral to children’s services – including partner agencies and members of the public.

The team now includes a police community support officer, with a youth justice social worker, an education social worker and a health visitor set to join in 2017.


With a little bit of help families can often meet their own needs and don’t always need Social Services. But if we believe a child is at risk, we will act without delay to safeguard their welfare.

We have out-performed every council in Wales so we’re going to keep monitoring how we are doing and how our service will keep the child at the heart of the matter.

“…a child is at the heart of our assessment”

Cllr Bill Baldwin, Lead Member for Children’s Services, said: “Understanding how a young person feels is crucial in meeting their needs, and the needs of their family.  

“That’s why seeing and talking with a child is at the heart of our assessment process.”

This article has been taken from the Annual Directors of Social Services Report, which is available here.

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