Healthcare Matters

An established local company has implemented a “Lean Culture” working environment and it’s proving to be very popular with staff as Lead Member for Economy and Regeneration, Cllr Nigel Williams, found out recently when he visited the company.

Healthcare Matters, based in Pentre Broughton, specialise in providing goods and services to the care industry.

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They currently employ 46 staff and introduced the Lean Culture environment almost 12 months ago to enhance the service they provide and staff now feel far more engaged with a rise in job satisfaction rates.

Adam Spiby, Director, said, “It was great to show Cllr Williams around Healthcare Matters, and explain how we’ve implemented a Lean Culture here to empower our team. We’ve found that since introducing this culture, we’ve seen greater engagement from staff, and the staff satisfaction survey results have been greatly improved.

“We’re also operating a lot more efficiently and enhancing the service we provide to our customers. Nigel spoke to lots of our staff who were more than happy to show off the improvements they have been making”

The Lean Culture approach encourages staff to air any frustrations they may have which shines a light on inefficiencies and waste within the business. It engages and empowers staff whilst also benefitting the company.

It’s a cultural change which takes time and persistence to put in place but ultimately benefits staff morale, safety and customer service.

Views are valued and respected as a result of Lean Culture

Cllr Nigel Williams, said, “It was a pleasure to visit and speak to staff about their experiences of working in a Lean Culture environment. They certainly feel like a big part of the whole team and their views are valued and respected as a result.”

Photo shows Lauren O’Connor, Business Improvement Manager, Adam Spiby, Director and Councillor Nigel Williams

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