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Our climate change and decarbonisation survey is now open and we’re asking as many residents as possible to take part, so we can better support people in making energy saving choices across the coming years.

There are also some great energy saving and carbon reducing prizes to be won. People who complete the survey and leave their email address will be entered into a draw, giving them the chance to win a bike voucher, slow cookers, air fryers, mobile phone solar chargers, and an annual pass to Xplore!

The survey will be live until November 30 and only takes around 5-10 minutes to complete.


Cllr David A Bithell, Climate Champion, said: “We declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency in 2019, and as part of our Decarbonisation Plan we want to work with people who live and work in Wrexham to increase the awareness and understanding of the changes we will all need to make to tackle the climate emergency.

“We’re hoping our survey can raise awareness of these issues, but it also allows us to learn a bit more about people in Wrexham, which will then help us to support them in making changes that can have a big impact. The survey will be live until November 30, and it doesn’t take long to complete, so please take part if you can. Everyone who takes part and leaves an email address will be entered into a draw, with some great prizes on offer.”


What we’re looking for…

To give you a brief idea what it’s about, some of the things our survey covers includes:

• The general understanding of climate change and the climate emergency
• Things people already do, or would consider doing, to limit their own contribution to climate change
• The understanding of the human contribution to climate change
• People’s feelings on the rising cost of living and increases in energy prices
• The knowledge around actions that can save money, as well as reducing carbon
• Which heating systems people are using in Wrexham
• Thoughts about the environment
• How people are travelling in Wrexham


Warm Places

Recently, we announced that libraries in Wrexham will act as community ‘warm places’ in Wrexham – already existing heated spaces where people are welcome to come to get warm.

Anyone who wants to can come inside to be warm and comfortable. Drop in sessions will also take place on select dates to offer support and advice.

Read more about this in our Warm Places blog.

‘Warm places’ to offer residents comfort in colder months