Our Public Protection Service is now reminding residents and businesses about the impact of the new laws being introduced by the Government to help reduce the spread of COVID 19.

To minimise the spread of COVID 19, lots of different types of business have been compelled to close to eliminate contact between customers and staff and to discourage people from making non essential journeys.


Pubs, restaurants, cafés have all had to shut up shop along with a host of other retail businesses. The government’s list of premises can be found here.

There are some exceptions to these closures. For example, supermarkets, food retailers and pharmacies and other shops selling essential items can remain open.

Takeaways may also continue to trade and restaurants, pubs and cafes that are otherwise having to close can also provide a takeaway service.

It is vitally important that businesses comply and that people stay at home as far as possible and only leave home for the very limited reasons set out by Government to reduce the spread of the virus and protect our NHS so that all seriously ill patients can be treated.

Ignoring the new rules designed to protect us from COVID 19

Since these restrictions have come into force it is very reassuring to see that the vast majority of businesses have responded by closing. However we are aware that a few premises have been ignoring the new rules that were designed to protect us from COVID 19 and we have had reports of pubs opening or having “lock ins” or similar breaches.

These are very difficult times for businesses and we are acutely aware of the financial impact that these measures will have but ignoring these new restrictions and failing to close will put lives at risk.

You can be prosecuted and licenses to serve alcohol are at risk

Our Public Protection Officers, working in partnership with North Wales Police, will now be taking any breach of the new laws very seriously. Businesses that fail to comply can be prosecuted and licenses to serve alcohol will be at risk.

Any business that has any doubt or concerns as to how it is affected by the new laws on closure should seek advice. If you have any concerns about a business that is open please contact us.

The Public Protection Service can be contacted via email:

You can also telephone 01978 292040 but please only telephone if you do not have access to emails as our phone lines remain extremely busy during this difficult time.

Please remember these measures have been taken to protect everyone’s health and the NHS.

Stay at home, stay safe and keep those around you safe by following all the guidance available.

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