Outdoor Hospitality

The long awaited re-opening of outdoor hospitality is almost here but there’s some things we need to know before we visit our local outdoor beer garden, cafe or coffee house.

  • please make sure you book before you leave. There may be some queueing at premises so you will be expected to remain socially distanced from anyone not in your household
  • all premises must take your contact details for Test, Trace and Protect teams should they need to contact you. Please make sure you have your details readily available
  • only 6 people can sit together and you should do your very best to remain socially distanced whilst at your table
  • you will not be able to stand in a seating area to consume your drink
  • please treat all staff with respect. They’ve missed you and want you to enjoy yourselves but abusive behaviour towards staff will not be tolerated
  • if you use public transport or need a taxi to or from anywhere in Wrexham or Wales you will need to wear a face mask. Please make sure you have one or two handy in case you change your plans at the last minute. Drivers, including taxi drivers, have the right not to take you if you do not wear a mask”
  • proprietors/landlords must stick to the rules aswell so if you’re concerned about any premises contact contact-us@wrexham.gov.uk

Ian Jones, Head of Service, Public Protection, said: “Re-opening outdoor hospitality is a major step in coming out of the level-4 restrictions but we all still need to remain cautious.

“Covid-19 hasn’t gone away and we still have to take every precaution to ensure it doesn’t return. Please do your bit so we can continue with keeping levels low to enable return to normal. Enjoy yourselves but please stay safe.”

Luke Hughes, Wrexham Town Police Inspector, said: “It’s been very encouraging to see how well people have responded to the restrictions that surround the re-opening of the retail sector with very few incidents that required our attention. The opening of hospitality will bring a number of challenges for ourselves and local businesses, please work with us, be patient and together we will have the fantastic summer that we all deserve.”

“We all hope to see the same level of sensible behaviour as outdoor hospitality areas re-open. Please stay safe and respectful. Enjoy the new freedoms and let’s all look forward to a successful and better summer than we had last year.”

😷 Restrictions in Wales are gradually easing. Make sure you understand what you can and can’t do 👈