Seeing as a number of people appreciated our list of handy tips for recycling food waste, we thought we’d give you a list of handy tips for recycling plastic as well.

After all, plastic is the thing that confuses people most when it comes to recycling. If you didn’t catch our guide on which plastics can be recycled in Wrexham, you should take a look.


Here’s some useful tips to help you become fantastic at recycling plastic 🙂

Handy tips

Ask yourself “can I recycle this?” Probably the best tip we can give you is before putting something plastic in your general waste, stop and ask yourself “can I recycle this?” The information is out there and in Wrexham lots of plastics can be recycled. Have a look at our guide for more info. Which leads us on to our next handy tip…

Don’t forget about our recycling centres. If it can’t be recycled at the kerbside, have you thought about our recycling centres? A number of plastics that aren’t recyclable at the kerbside can be recycled here. So you can bring all your hard plastics here, such as garden furniture, plant pots, CD/DVD cases etc and they’ll get recycled 🙂

Squash your plastic bottles. A small and simple thing you can do to help us out is removing the lids from your plastic bottles and squashing them before you recycle them. It’s better for us and it’ll give you more room in your recycling box. But don’t think that means the lids can’t be recycled! Please still put these in your recycling box and we’ll recycle them too 🙂

Try to cut your use of plastic. There are times when plastic is the only option, but what about when there’s other options? Ask yourself, “do I really need that plastic straw?” How about using wooden cutlery (which can be recycled as food waste) instead of plastic cutlery? Or even choosing a can of coke instead of a plastic bottle of coke is better, as aluminium can be recycled over-and-over again, which plastic can’t be. The little steps we can take to cut our use of plastic all help 🙂

Cleaner means greener. When recycling your plastic bottles, trays, tubs and pots, do you make sure there’s no food or drink residue on them? Because doing this means a much better quality of recyclable material is sent off to be recycled into new products. When you’ve finished washing your dishes, before pulling the plug, give your plastics a quick rinse in the dishwater 🙂

Reuse. A good way to lessen the amount of single-use plastics you use is having reusable alternatives. Instead of buying a bottle of water every day, think about getting a reusable bottle and filling it up before you go out. You’ll be helping the environment and your wallet/purse will be much happier too. Speaking of reusing, have you heard of the reuse shop?

Nobody’s perfect…take our fun recycling quiz

It’s true – nobody’s perfect…and as much as we can strive to be recycling superheroes, there’s most likely a few little tweaks we can make to do even better for Wrexham.

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