High Street

Twelve months ago we launched a new grant scheme backed by Welsh Government Property Improvement and Development Grant Funding.

This meant we could provide gap funding for commercial building occupiers and owners in Wrexham Town Centre.

The grant funding will be available until March 2021.

The grant is to enhance building frontages, improve the quality of the signage and bring vacant commercial floor space back into business use.

Well established businesses as well as new enterprises can benefit from the grant, as we look to regenerate the area.

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We are pleased to announce that this funding has already made a big impact in parts of Wrexham Town Centre, and has been successful in helping existing and new businesses to sustain and grow.

In conjunction with other funding schemes, such as the Covid- 19 grant, it has contributed significantly towards the ongoing recovery of Wrexham Town Centre.

Frisky Pudding and Teds Bar are two new hospitality businesses that took advantage of the grant- they currently occupy two large properties that otherwise may have remained vacant.

John Blaney of Frisky Pudding, Said: “The grant was vital funding towards the restoration of our building. It helped support our business in the transformation of an empty retail unit, which had fallen into decay after lying empty for 12 years.

“The money helped pay for new heating, lighting and toilets. It contributed towards the conversion of the Grade 2 listed former Barclays Bank on High St Wrexham into a new bar and restaurant- now successfully open and employing 22 people. Without the grant we could not have completed the project”.

These businesses are a welcome addition to the day and night time economy, and have proved very popular, especially amongst families and young people-contributing to a more vibrant and attractive destination.

For a pre-application form and further information e-mail – grants@wrexham.gov.uk.

Regeneration loan

We also provide interest free loan funding, through Welsh Government, for the Town Centre Regeneration Loan scheme.

This is available for owners of commercial premises located within Wrexham Town Centre that are in need of improvement or change of use.

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The purpose of the loan is to improve the property for continued ownership, to sell, to rent, or unlock a vacant or stalled site.

The loan fund cannot be used to repay existing borrowings.

The minimum loan value available is from £5,000 to a maximum of £1,000,000.

The maximum loan term is for 5 years.

The loan funding can be used in conjunction with the Property Improvement and Development Grant or the Transforming Towns Covid-19 Thematic Grant.

For further information please email – loans@wrexham.gov.uk.

Cllr Terry Evans, Lead Member for Economic Development and Regeneration, said: “We’ve seen dramatic cosmetic improvements in properties around Wrexham Town Centre, where businesses in both the day and night-time economy have already made good use of the funding available.

“We aim to boost re-generation, and hope to facilitate further opportunities throughout Wrexham Town Centre, which is why we are reminding business and building owners that we are still here to help, and more than happy to work with you to utilise the financial products available.”