Fly-tipping in Marford

Most of us don’t fly-tip. Sadly, a few selfish people continue to drain public money and resources…

Wrexham Council has hit out at selfish fly-tippers who dump rubbish on public land.

Only last week, council employees had to clear-up scrap wood, rubble and other materials illegally dumped on Springfield Lane in Marford.

Fly-tipping creates obvious safety risks and blights communities, and cleaning up after criminals diverts valuable public resources…paid for by public money.

The clear-up at Springfield Lane involved a lorry with lifting equipment, a sweeping team and traffic management to keep everyone safe.

However, the council has enforcement officers and camera technology to help track down fly-tippers, and has a serious warning for any perpetrators: ‘we’ll catch you.’

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Leaving taxpayers to pick up the tab

Councillor David A Bithell, Lead Member Environment and Transport, says:

“This was a shocking and deliberate act of fly-tipping where individuals thought they could just dump this rubbish, and then leave the taxpayer to pick up the tab.

“The clear-up involved our crews being deployed at a time when they had other, more important work to do.

“I’ve asked our officers for the time the incident was reported, and if we can liaise with North Wales Police to see if we can identify any vehicles seen in the area.

“Our message to these people who blight our communities is ‘dispose of your rubbish correctly…otherwise, we’ll pursue all avenues to catch and fine you, and where necessary pursue to the relevant courts.’”

Other examples of fly-tipping over the past few days include:

  • Builders’ rubble blocking Stryt y Byddyn in New Broughton.
  • A sofa on a footway near Kingsmill.
  • A cooker dumped in Borras Hall Lane.
  • Several loads of builders’ waste tipped along Hafod Road, Hafod y Bwch to Old Sontley Cottages, and Sontley Bridge to Gyfelia Cross Roads.

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