Scam Alert Warning

Trading Standards is advising everyone to look out for fake emails claiming to be from Tesco.

The email asks you to click on the link provided in order to win “free groceries” but it actually leads to a malicious website.

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Action Fraud has received nearly 200 reports about this in one week.

Roger Mapleson, Trading Standards and Licensing Lead advises, “Action Fraud has received nearly 200 reports about this in just one week so please be careful.

“If you are suspicious about any email you should report it by forwarding it to then delete it. Never follow any links as it could prove very costly.”

This type of scam is known as “phishing” and is used by criminals to often follow a link which then download a virus onto your computer or steal bank details or other personal information.

Consumer advice can be obtained from the Citizens Advice Consumer Service? They can be contacted on 0808 223 1144 (Welsh) or 0808 223 1133 (English).

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