On Monday schools across Wrexham will welcome their pupils back following months of disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic meaning school pupils will once again be able to see, learn and play with their friends.

Some schools are having teacher training days next week but your school will let you know which days if this is the case.

But it won’t be business as usual as there are guidelines that must be followed by schools, pupils and parents in order to minimise the risk of infection.

The less opportunities we give the virus to spread, the better chance we have of returning to ‘normal’ and staying there, which benefits all of us.

Get the latest COVID-19 vaccination roll out across Wrexham and North Wales

We know there’s still a lot of things that we can’t do but it’s important we all remember that if we want to avoid further school closures and a possible third wave of the virus we should all be sticking to the guidance.

We thought it would be useful to go through the key ones so we can all do our bit to keep our schools open.

Don’t hang about the school gates

We know it’s very easy to start chatting with other parents when when dropping off and picking up children but please stay 2m apart from others. There’ll be plenty of time to catch up soon but until then please keep your distance.

Wear a mask where and when required

If you’re on school grounds you should wear a mask. Children too must wear masks when in communal areas and in some cases when in the classroom or on the playgrounds.

Your school will let you know what applies in their schools so please look out for any requests from them and support them in their efforts to minimise future disruption for yours and other peoples children.

Schools bubbles are for schools only

Schools bubbles are for school and children shouldn’t be mixing out of school. Now is not the time for sleep-overs or parties so please be patient and wait until it’s safe to do so.

Testing at Schools

Lateral Flow (LFD) tests will be provided to secondary school pupils Anyone who tests positive following a test must not attend a school or setting. They and everyone they live with must self-isolate immediately (Self isolation guidance link to WG) whilst they do the following:

  • report the test result online
  • book a follow up a PCR test through the online booking portal
  • notify their school of the result

Don’t car share

It’s also very tempting to give someone else a lift to or from school. Please don’t you may be exposing yourself or others to the virus.

Please remember the very important 4 things Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air.


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