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On November 16, the reuse shop celebrated its third anniversary – happy birthday! 🙂

Yet somehow, there’s still people in Wrexham who don’t seem to know what it is and where to find it. If you need a reminder, you can find the Nightingale House Hospice reuse shop in Bryn Lane recycling centre 😉

It’s sometimes referred to as a bit of an Aladdin’s cave, although Santa’s grotto might be more appropriate.

That’s because as we’re getting closer to Christmas there’s actually lots of things you can get from the reuse shop to spread some festive cheer.


“There’s so many things that can be recycled…”

Dave Jones, Manager of the reuse shop, says: “I’m not sure how many people realise they can buy a lot of the stuff they need for Christmas from the reuse shop. An example of this is that lots of people will get any decorations they need from the larger retailers at full cost, but we have plenty in stock that are in excellent condition.

“There’s so many things that can be recycled and we try to rotate our stock to reflect the things people are likely to need at that particular time of year. So if you haven’t stocked up for Christmas yet, pay us a visit…we’ll probably have something you need.”

If you’re in need of baubles, lighting, tinsel or even a full-sized Christmas tree, it’s worth considering the reuse shop as you’ll be doing your bit for recycling, plus you can save yourself a few pennies along the way!

The money you spend at the reuse shop will go towards helping Nightingale House Hospice; a great local charity, which does fantastic work in Wrexham and the surrounding areas.

If you need help filling up those stockings…

Then the reuse shop can definitely help you out. If you’re thinking of buying a TV, go over and take a look…there’s usually an abundance of them in stock, with varying sizes to choose from.

And if you’re unsure about buying a used TV, please know that all items are cleaned and safety tested before they’re sold 🙂

But if you’re after something a bit smaller, there’s usually a selection of items such as gift sets, toys, DVD’s, computer games, board games and cool ornaments to fill up those stockings.

Looking to get fitter in 2020?

A popular New Year’s resolution is getting a bit fitter and always a good starting point for this is cycling.

Need a bike? You’re in luck!

Reuse shop bikes cycling

The reuse shop has many, many bikes that you can choose from. Children’s bikes or adult bikes – whatever you’re looking for – the reuse shop is bound to have something that fits the bill 🙂

Let’s face it, there’s not many people who wouldn’t want a bike for Christmas. All the bikes are stored outside the shop for you to give them a thorough checking over, so come and pay a visit.

Regift your unwanted presents

At one time or another we’ve all received Christmas presents that don’t quite hit the mark 🙁

But just because it’s not your cup of tea, this doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be perfect for someone else. Regifting involves giving your unwanted gifts to others and the reuse shop would be very grateful if you’d consider donating these items to them.

Dave adds: “If you receive a gift that you won’t get any use from, please consider donating it to us. Without your donations we couldn’t operate, so we really appreciate everything we receive. We rely on donations all year round, so please think about us when you have your next clear out too.”

You can donate to the re-use shop at any of our three recycling centres; just speak to one of our attendants who’ll point you in the right direction.

Thanks for thinking about recycling and Merry early-Christmas.

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