With cold weather predicted this week it may be that you are wondering will schools be open? Will buses be running? Will my bins be emptied? Will the roads be gritted?

Cold weather can cause problems across the county borough and even across the UK during particularly severe weather. We are prepared and all through the winter period and into spring we have daily, local weather forecasts. When we receive the forecast we then take a decision on whether or not the gritters need to go out. If they do we have a fleet of vehicles and ample supply of grit to cope.


“Main roads are cleared as soon as possible”

Like all other local authorities We don’t grit or plough every road but we do make sure that our main roads are cleared as soon as possible. This can sometimes be difficult particularly if snow continues to fall. You can see our gritting routes here.

“We’ll grit before we empty bins in housing estates”

Snow and ice can also cause disruptions to your bin service as driving a huge vehicle on narrow roads can be dangerous to both the crew and also the public. Occasionally bin collections will be stopped in a particular area for this reason. When we can we send the gritter out before the bin wagon to make sure we can continue for as long as possible.

“School closures”

Our schools may also close due to the weather. They may view the area as dangerous for children or it may be that they can’t get enough staff to operate safely. If a decision to close is taken the school will post the information on our website here:

Your child may also travel to school by bus and you should make sure you know who they travel with and have their number, email or social media accounts to hand to check directly with them if they are running their normal service.

If we can’t empty your bin we’ll use our social media accounts to let you know as soon as possible.

twitter.com/cbswrecsam | twitter.com/wrexhamcbc

facebook.com/cyngorwrecsam | facebook.com/wrexhamcouncil

Use #wxmgrit to see if our gritters are going out.

Help where you can

Residents are also advised to check in on neighbours – especially any elderly, disabled or vulnerable residents.

It doesn’t’ take five minutes to help, but high winds, frost, ice and snow pose even greater difficulties for vulnerable people when trying to carry out even basic everyday trips, such as nipping to the shops or the post office.

Quick checks or offers of help could make all the difference for someone who cannot get out on their own.

Cllr Joan Lowe, Lead Member for Health and Adult Social Care, said: “There are many people in our communities who struggle during the colder months, and we shouldn’t underestimate just how much of a difference a small thing can make to someone’s life.

“There are so many easy ways to help – help with the shopping, taking a hot meal or just calling in for a chat. We are asking that residents take just a couple of minutes to check on neighbours, friends and relatives.”


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