Climate Change

A few years ago Solar Panels were a rare sight in Wrexham but now they’re in every hamlet, village and town across the county borough – it’s difficult not to see one whenever you go out.

That’s because in 2011 we started the largest ever installation of solar panels on our council housing and by 2020 over 30,000 had been installed on over 3,000 properties. These created enough electricity to make 1,540,412,450 cups of tea or 308,082,490 hours of watching TV.

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But we didn’t stop there…. in 2015 we opened N.Wales first Solar Farm in Legacy. Every new school now has solar technology incorporated into the design and any building improvements we make use solar panels whenever and wherever possible.

This has meant that power stations have used less fossil fuels and 16,705,756 kg of carbon dioxide emissions were avoided.

In our buildings it’s estimated that by using solar energy we have generated 94,868,300 cups of tea or 18,973,660 hours of TV which has resulted in 1,027,40 kg of carbon dioxide reduction.

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “We’ve come a long way since 2011 and we intend to continue to make Wrexham Council a carbon neutral organisation. This includes more than just using solar panels but also electric vehicles, energy saving as well as increased and improved planting of woodlands and wildflower meadows.

We don’t want to let up on this work which is why we’re now consulting on what we do next. You’re invited to take part in this consultation and let us know what you think of our plans and make any suggestions you have which will help us to have the most sustainable and efficient Plan to move forward –

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