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Here’s some advice from Wrexham Trading Standards to help keep you safe this Christmas and into the new year:

We’ve all heard the saying ‘if it’s too good to be true, it usually is’.

You can apply this saying to virtually anything at your home; those nuisance calls, prize scam mail, leaflets through the door, and cold callers.

Doorstep criminals do operate across Wrexham. They may have visited you or a neighbour, or posted leaflets across your street…leaflets are often their first way in.

They may claim to have special offers; ‘sign up now for a great deal’, ‘senior citizen discounts with this leaflet’, ‘we give a 14 day cooling off period’…but don’t be fooled by this.


By law traders must give you written information about your legal right to 14 days cancellation, and any contract and pricing must be put in writing. The law is there to protect homeowners from agreeing to unnecessary and expensive work without being given time to think about it.

Never waive your rights. Some traders may ask you to sign something to have the work commence sooner than the 14 days. Ask yourself, “why am I being asked to sign my rights away? Is this something a legitimate trader would ask of me?” The answer is NO!

In these leaflets, many traders claim to do all sorts of specialist work, from roofing to gutter cleaning, pressure washing of drives to laying a patio, or even garden work and tree surgery. Jack-of-all-trades, master of none perhaps?

The leaflets may include logos of what ordinary members of the public think to be reputable trade organisations. But behind these logos they are simply directories of information, paid for by the trader. They’re not formal approval of ability, nor are they vetted in any way.

Our advice is to put any leaflets received through your letter box in the recycling. Never contact a trader from these leaflets. Use personal recommendation only.

Following this simple advice will help to keep you safe from scams. Please also lookout for friends, family and neighbours who may be vulnerable.

Enjoy a Christmas free from these scams and have a happy – and safe – new year!

For more advice, or to report a concern, you can email Wrexham Trading Standards:

If you want to report something you think is suspicious, please contact either Citizens Advice Consumer Services on 03454 040506 or North Wales Police on 101.

If you want to complain or get any advice about goods or services you have bought please contact Citizens Advice Consumer Services on 03454 040506.

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