Some wellbeing tips for an unusual time

It’s certainly an unusual time for us all, with the Public Health Wales advice being to stay at home and only leave the house for a very limited number of reasons.

It’s very important that we all follow this advice, but some of us will find this quite stressful and so it’s important that we look after our wellbeing over the coming weeks.

Mind have put together a number of great tips for people to follow and we’re going to run through some of them that you might find useful.


Taking care of your mental health and wellbeing

Eat well and stay hydrated. Thinking about your diet is very important, particularly if you’re likely to be less active than usual. Make sure that you drink plenty of water too, which is important for your mental and physical health.

Keep taking your medication. This is really important. If you’re isolating, consider asking your pharmacy about getting your medication delivered, or ask someone else to collect it for you.

Hand washing and anxiety. Some mental health problems can cause difficult feelings and behaviours to do with washing or hygiene. Breathing exercises can help you cope and feel more in control.

Keep in touch digitally. Think of other ways to keep in contact with people while meeting in person is not possible. Make plans to video chat with people or groups you’d normally see in person.

Decide on your routine. Think about how you’ll spend time by yourself at home. For example, plan activities to do on different days or habits you want to start or keep up.

Try to keep active. Build physical activity into your daily routine, if possible. Cleaning your home, dancing to music, and going up and down stairs are just a few ways of doing this.

If you’re feeling claustrophobic or trapped. Open the windows to let in fresh air. Or you could spend time sitting on your doorstep, or in the garden if you have one. Regularly change the rooms you spend time in can also help.

These are just some of the ways you can stay on top of your wellbeing over the coming weeks. For more detailed advice, head over to Mind’s website.

Stay safe and healthy 😊

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