How many times have you said “I didn’t know that” or “it wasn’t very well advertised”?

You could be talking about an event that you may have gone to if you’d known or a road closure that means you were late for an appointment.

Although we try very hard here in the communications team we can’t reach everyone all the time and we know that sometimes that can be very frustrating, especially if it involves a road closure or simply missing your favourite band at Tŷ Pawb

To get our news to you we use our own news blog, social media and of course local and regional print, broadcast and online media to make as many residents and visitors aware of what’s going on as possible.


Our news blog ( gets over 30,000 views per month and that number is going up all the time but we don’t like to rely on that to keep you up to date. We post everything to our social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and we keep local print, broadcast and online media up to date with our articles.

We also have a direct email form of communication that will keep you up to date with a whole range of topics that may be of interest.

They include receiving a bin collection reminder, when our gritters are going out, updates on the local Development Plan, School Transport, Council news, road closures/disruption, recycling tips, what’s on, tourism and events … there’s far too many to mention here.

Subscribing is simple – just follow this link and put in your email address and tick what alerts you would like to receive.

Our most popular alert is the bin collection reminder but we’re sure you’ll find something of interest to make sure you are always up to date with what’s of interest to you!

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