Stryt Las

Every year our Rangers drain the large pond at Stryt Las Park in Johnstown.

They do this to give the lake bed a good clean and remove the fish which are netted by Natural Resources Wales and relocated to another pond or a lake that needs stocking. the fish are removed to prevent them from eating the the rare and protected Great Crested Newts that live on the site.


Litter in the lake is unsightly and often dangerous to the many birds that live on the lake at Stryt Las. Traffic signs, bikes, thousands of cans and bottles and the ever present shopping trolleys have all been removed from the mud in previous years.

The ducks and swans that live on the lake at Stryt Las are free to fly to other ponds, as they often do, returning at a later date. The ranger has asked that visitors to the park do not feed the ducks. Feeding the ducks and swans encourages the birds to be less fearful of people, which makes them more vulnerable, especially to dogs, a particular problem while the lake is drained.

“Stryt Las is a Site of Special Scientific Interest”

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “Stryt Las is a designated Special Area of Conservation and a Site of Special Scientific Interest and we are very fortunate to have such an area on our doorstep. The rangers do a great job looking after the area and regular visitors to the park will be used to this annual clean up.”

If you would like to help the rangers clean out the lake, please give the rangers a call on 01978 822780. Once the fish have been caught and the rubbish cleared the lake will be allowed to refill naturally.

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