As part of the Wrexham Community Safety survey last year, the partnership asked people what would make them feel safer in the town centre. The two most popular responses were ‘high-visibility policing’ and ‘action to tackle anti-social behaviour.’

A high number of open responses throughout the survey also referred to the ‘visible vulnerable’ in Wrexham.

In response to feedback from the survey, Chief Executive Ian Bancroft, said: “It’s really encouraging that the survey indicated that most people feel safe in their homes and neighbourhoods.

“However, it’s frustrating that people maybe don’t feel as safe as they should in the town centre…because the reality is that Wrexham is a very safe place to be”.


Statistics show Wrexham is a relatively safe place compared to similar towns in the UK, with average or below-average crime rates for drug-related issues, public order offences, robbery and vehicle crime.  Statistics gathered by North Wales Police on behalf of the Community Safety Partnership show a 43 per cent drop in town centre anti-social behaviour, compared with previous years.

We are continuing to work with partners and agencies across Wrexham in maintaining these positive outcomes.

As part of this ongoing work the Area Planning Board for Substance Misuse is commissioning some of the front line services to becoming more outreach focused in order to actively engage with the visible vulnerable on Wrexham’s streets. By linking them with the appropriate services they are focusing on both harm reduction and recovery, and improving outcomes for the individuals.

We are also working with the newly established Town Centre Multi-Agency team to work on addressing hotspots of antisocial behaviour. This includes the reviewing of the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO).

You may have seen the article that we recently published about the benches and bins being removed on Lord Street. This was in response to requests from the town centre multi agency group for them to be taken away because of the anti-social behaviour including drug dealing taking place in the area and the negative impact this was having on Wrexham as a whole.

Inspector Vic Powell said: “There are well planned significant partnership arrangements to identify and deal with those causing harm in our communities.  The town centre policing team is tasked with, and committed to, dealing with those whose behaviour requires enforcement measures or positive interventions and I will continue to apply police resources to support the partnership’s work.”

Police are continuing to tackle and deter drug dealing and other forms of antisocial behaviour in the town by using, amongst other methods, specially trained drug scanning dogs.

Report rough sleeping

If you’re concerned about someone who could be sleeping rough, you can report it via the Street Link app – available for Android and iPhone.

Or report it directly to Wrexham Council’s Housing Options team on 01978 292947.

Reporting it can help agencies provide support to that person…potentially helping them find somewhere to sleep.

Report anti-social behaviour

By reporting criminal behaviour, you can help the police and its partners focus resources where they’re needed.

If you see anything criminal going on (including anti-social behaviour), report it to North Wales Police by calling 101 (or 999 in an emergency).

You can also report issues on the North Wales Police website.

Let us know…

We are repeating the survey again and want to know how safe you feel when you are spending time in and around the County Borough. So we have a quick online survey available now for you to fill out.

The results of the survey will tell us how safe you feel and whether what we are doing is making a difference.


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