A local community joined forces recently to help tidy up their local area.

The environmental action day was held at Smithfield in Caia Park. Wrexham Council’s Caia estate office arranged for a huge skip to be placed on the estate and local tenants were able to bring out bulky rubbish and unwanted items.

Housing officers, caretakers and the council’s Streetscene operatives were on hand to help tenants dispose of their rubbish.


A helping hand from local volunteers

By the end of the event, the skip had filled up with all kinds of items from bikes and chairs to microwaves and furniture.
Luckily, there were some extra helping hands available thanks to some tenants and members of the nearby Rock Chapel, who kindly volunteered their time to come and help out.

After the event, the volunteers were offered some much needed refreshments, donated by the local Co-op.

“Busiest events ever” this summer

Local Councillor for Smithfield, Cllr Adrienne Jeorrett, said, “I’d like to thank the estate office staff, Streetscene, the Co-op and the tenants and volunteers from the Rock Chapel for coming together to help tidy our local area.

“A huge amount of rubbish was able to be taken away so this has obviously been an enormous help to many tenants and it’s very kind of those involved to have donated their time to help make this event a success.”

Cllr Mark Pritchard, Leader of Wrexham Council, said: “Environmental action events are held regularly on estates across the county borough. We’ve seen some of the busiest ever events at many locations this summer so it’s great to see that they continue to be very popular. They provide a valuable service for tenants by allowing them to dispose of large rubbish items without having to travel far from their homes.”

Up to date information on these events is posted on the council tenants’ facebook page.

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