Lost luggage

The year 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the Wrexham Library building.

We asked if you could send us your stories, items and memorabilia and we just had to share this one from library member, Bethan Rogers.

If you’ve ever lost your luggage you’ll know it is really stressful, and you worry if you’ll be able to get it back.

Did you ever think the library could come to the rescue? It didn’t cross Bethan’s mind…but this is how she was reunited with her luggage after losing it on a train travelling to Cardiff from her home town of Wrexham.

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“I was on my way to Cardiff for an overnight stay and when I got onto the train I put my small silver suitcase in the luggage rack and took a seat not far away.

“Looking out of the window as we left one of the stations, I remember seeing a lady walking away from the train and thinking ‘Oh she has the same suitcase as me!’, but little did I know that it was actually MY suitcase she was walking away with.

“When it was my time to get off the train I went to where I had left my case, to find it gone. The only case left in the rack was a similar-sized, brown case.

“I started to panic and told one of the guards. They said I needed to report it at the desk as stolen, which I did. Then, since I had no luggage, contact lenses, or toiletries I got back on the train and came home again.

“The very next morning I had a phone call from Wrexham Library. They asked if I had lost a suitcase as a very kind lady had dropped it off at the library in Wrexham for me!

“Luckily, I had taken my library book with me and when the lady discovered she had picked up the wrong case she looked inside and found it. She rang Wrexham Library and they tracked me down!

“I never leave home without a book and I have never been so relieved to have been a Wrexham library member and an avid reader!”

If you have a story, photos or memorabilia about Wrexham library, please let us know so we can include it in our 50th anniversary celebration later this year. Contact the library on 01978 292090, library@wrexham.gov.uk or you can call in to you local library.

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