As the night time economy in Wrexham becomes busier the number of young people coming in to the town centre increases.

This increase in trade is welcomed by local businesses there’s always some who are underage and trying to get into pubs and clubs using either counterfeit or borrowed identification.  Now, vigilance by door staff is stopping many under 18’s from breaking the law by retaining any suspect identification and turning them away.

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In the last two months alone 11 passports and 73 drivers licences and citizen cards have been retained and forwarded to the Trading Standards section.

These documents are sent back to the issuing agencies informing them that they have been used fraudulently. This amounts to approximately £3235 that will have to be spent again for new identification as well the owner having to answer some difficult questions.

Roger Mapleson, Trading Standards and Licensing Lead, said, “The message from this is loud and clear…..if you are discovered trying to get in to a licensed premises using I.D that belongs to someone else or is counterfeit, it will be retained and you will be turned away.

“Using a false identity document is a serious matter and the cost and inconvenience if you are caught is significant. Just don’t do it.”

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