When it comes to machines to make beverage cans this is a firm that’s globally recognised as the “Brand Name of Choice” and it’s based right here in Wrexham.

Unimaq, on Wrexham’s Industrial Estate, offers customers an exciting choice of quality, proven and totally reliable can making equipment, that is not only constantly expanding, but which can also be designed and built, to meet each individual customer’s unique processing requirements.

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Cllr Nigel Williams, who recently paid them a visit, said, “Unimaq are certainly well established and use the very latest technology to keep them as the market leaders they are today. I wish them continued success into 2023.”

Owner, Berty de Jong, said, “We pride ourselves on being the “can do” company for customers requests and requirements. Our staff work incredibly hard to deliver orders on time whilst continuing to provide a quality product that has made us the company when it comes to can production and finishing.”

So, the next time you buy a can of pop remember it was probably made by equipment produced in Wrexham!

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