image of the quilt, red, blue and brown in colour with a men depicted with animals

The Tailor’s Tale brings together artistic responses to the famous Wrexham Tailor’s Quilt, created by James Williams between 1842 and 1852.

The quilt, now housed permanently at St Fagan’s Museum, loaned to Tŷ Pawb for this exhibition, is actually a single layer patchwork coverlet made up of 4,525 individual pieces of woolen cloth.

The quilt depicts scenes from the Bible such as Adam naming the animals, Cain and Abel, Jonah and the whale, and Noah’s ark. It also features motifs symbolizing Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland. The Menai Suspension Bridge and Cefn Viaduct are also featured.

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Such was the workmanship of the quilt, it was displayed at the Art Treasures Exhibition of North Wales, held in Wrexham in 1876 and the National Eisteddfod in 1933, also held in Wrexham.

The quilt is now widely regarded as one of the best surviving examples of Welsh folk art.

Adam Jones is a Wrexham born, London based fashion designer; a contemporary tailor who has been commissioned by Tŷ Pawb to recreate a Wrexham Quilt for 2022. Adam’s quilt is exhibited alongside garments from his own collection.

Ruth Caswell

This exhibition was conceived and realised by the grace and drive of Ruth Caswell, the Award winning costumier and fashion designer, lecturer and enthusiastic supporter of Tŷ Pawb. We dedicate The Tailor’s Tale to Ruth’s memory.

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