WATCH: Two heads are better than one – so what will 100,000 of us do?

A ‘wellbeing plan.’ What’s that?

Short answer…watch the video above. Long answer…read on 🙂

The big conversation

Over the past couple of years, local people have been encouraged to have their say on the issues they think are most important to Wrexham.

From this, the Public Services Board has produced a ‘well-being plan’ for everyone.

It focuses on how – if we all come together over the next 20 years – we can really make a difference.


What’s the ‘Public Services Board’?

The Public Services Board (PSB for short) is a way for organisations in Wrexham to share their ideas and work with local communities to improve things.

Its members include the council, emergency services, local health services, key educational establishments and the voluntary sector.

The PSB has been looking at what communities, organisations and local people can do to make things better.

Ideas so far include growing healthier food, developing more volunteering opportunities, building skills for life for young people and ‘greening’ our streets.

Watch the video!

This short video shows why so many of us are proud to call Wrexham ‘home.’

It’s five minutes long, but it’s worth a watch – it hopefully gets across the best of who we are, and what we’ll achieve if we all work together.

There’ll be more and more ways to get involved with the project in the future, so we’ll keep you informed.

It’s all about putting our heads together to work out how we can make Wrexham the best it can be…for everyone.

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