St David's Day

There aren’t many people fortunate enough to say they live in a country that possesses a language with as rich a historical background as us Welsh folk do. As time passes however the importance of our language is sadly at risk of becoming forgotten.

Thankfully in 2016 the Welsh government addressed this issue by introducing Welsh Language Standards to all public organisations. This was to ensure that the Welsh language is no longer treated less favorably to English.

That’s right – the Welsh language is on its way up! But it needs your help.

In order to provide equal Welsh language opportunities for speaking residents it’s essential that the council identifies their preferred methods of communicating and accessing information. Completing this survey can help the Welsh government achieve this.


Clir Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Communities, Partnerships, Public Protection and Community Safety said “I’d like to encourage all Welsh speakers to take part in completing this survey. These are exciting times for the Welsh language and it’s vital that we all do our part to further its progress.”

Completing this survey may not seem like a grand contribution towards the betterment of the Welsh language… but the combined efforts of you and other Welsh speakers will act as a great step towards the progress of our illustrious language.

Welsh speaker? Help us improve our Welsh language services.