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“I could never have a career in support work, it just wouldn’t be for me”…does this sound like you or someone you know?

To these people, we have two questions to this…firstly, “why not?” but then “what do you actually know about support work?”

Because the chances are, unless you or someone you know have experienced support work, it’s completely different than what you might expect it to be.

Yes, a career in support work with us comes with a certain amount of responsibility – you’re playing a role in people’s lives after all – but there’s so many rewarding elements that go alongside this, plus the flexibility of it makes it possible to achieve that coveted work/life balance 🙂

But enough from us, it’s time to hear from some Support Workers from our Homecare/Reablement team about why this career “is for them”, and how it’s affected their lives 🙂


“A fascinating process – I find it satisfying and rewarding”

Charles is in his seventh year working for our rural Reablement team as a male support worker, and he explains how this career has benefitted his and other people’s lives.

Charles says, “We get to know people, we encourage them and try to facilitate independence with dignity and empathy. We step in and support – we work as a team to provide support, and liaise with other departments to facilitate the best possible outcome.”

It’s this relationship between Charles, his team and the people who need care and support that has given him a great deal of job satisfaction. He continues, “This is a fascinating process – I find it satisfying and rewarding.”

“Flexible and understanding”

Margaret has worked as a support worker for Homecare social services for 23 years, and she explains how she’s adapted her work pattern over the years to fit around her life.

Margaret tells, “I started on a 16 hour contract, and for the first four years I worked a day shift pattern. When I had my son, I didn’t want to put him into nursery and asked if I could possibly do an evening shift, and this is what I’ve been doing for the last 19 years.

“Since April 2019, I’ve increased my contract hours and I’m doing a mixture of day and evening shifts. I’ve found the flexibility of my employer to be very good and very understanding.

“My work pattern has allowed me to manage being a working mum without missing out on being there for my family as well.”

Charles too has also been happy with his work/life balance since becoming a support worker. He says, “The job suits me extremely well, it compliments other aspects of my life and my many hobbies.”

“Highest level of support and very good training”

Both Margaret and Charles want to stress how it’s important to know that you’re not alone either. You get fully supported along the way by managers and senior staff.

Margaret says, “Management and seniors in Homecare give me full their support and they’re very understanding, whenever I need them to be.”

Charles adds, “I’ve been the grateful recipient of the highest level of support and very good training. I would unhesitatingly recommend a career as a support worker.”

How do I get involved

We regularly advertise for Support Workers on the jobs page on our website.

Take a look, there’s currently a number of opportunities to work for our Homecare/Reablement team.

Whether you’re a student looking for employment to support your studies, a parent looking to fit work around your children, or whatever your situation, we’d love to hear from you 🙂

Being a Support Worker comes with a decent rate of pay, generous leave, a pension, plus this is alongside all the other benefits that Margaret and Charles have shown us.

Interested? Click the link below to check the current vacancies 🙂


Download this attachment, which has more information on becoming a support worker with us