Reminder: Recycling centres will close as part of fire break lockdown
Ian Bancroft – Chief Executive
Mark Pritchard – Leader of the Council

Earlier this week, we announced that we’re closing all three of our household waste recycling centres.

The Plas Madoc site closed on Tuesday, and Bryn Lane and Brymbo will close by 4pm this Friday (April 3).

We’ve been getting lots of queries about why we’re closing the sites, and what you should do with any waste you’d normally take there.

Why we’re closing the sites

In light of the current Government guidelines on essential travel for the public, we have no choice but to close them.

While these guidelines do enable residents to travel to supermarkets to shop for food, they don’t include enabling residents to travel to recycling sites.

We’ve kept our recycling centres open longer than any other council in North Wales. But in the current situation, if we kept the sites open, we would be encouraging residents to break the Government guidelines on essential travel.

This is why we’re closing the sites.


We do understand people’s frustration, and we’re continuing to provide a full kerbside collection service at the moment.

However, we’re dealing with a situation that nobody has experienced before, and will have to continue to review the services we provide on a daily basis – trying to balance the needs of residents with UK Government guidelines, and the health and safety of our communities and staff.

What you should do while the sites are closed

While the sites remain closed, we’re asking you to:

  • Try to minimise the waste you create – please don’t have any ‘clear outs’ at home, or do anything else that creates extra rubbish (e.g. certain DIY projects etc). We know it’s not easy, but please try to keep your waste to a minimum.
  • Put any gardening waste in your green bin as normal (we’ll keep emptying green bins for as long as we can), and store any extra gardening waste – that you can’t fit in your bin – in your garden for now. For example, if you’ve been pruning bushes, you might have to put the cuttings in a pile for now.
  • Keep any other items you would normally take to the tip (old furniture, timber, electrical goods etc) at home for now – unless they’re suitable for placing in your black bin.

Please don’t be tempted to fly-tip…please don’t leave waste at the gate or on the side of the road, or anywhere else where it shouldn’t be left.

This is an incredibly challenging time for everyone in the UK, and our daily lives are being affected in all kinds of ways.

But please don’t think we don’t care about how this is affecting you. We do, and we’re working as hard as we can to keep critical services going in Wrexham.

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Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) – public briefing note 1.4.20