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St Paul's School

Dementia Action Week – May 17-21

Led by the Alzheimer’s Society, Dementia Action Week sees the public come together to improve the lives of people affected by dementia.

Wrexham schoolchildren are doing their bit to make the world a kinder, better place for people living with dementia.

Several schools across the county borough have been taking part in Dementia Friends sessions – learning more about the condition, and looking at ways to make life easier for individuals and families affected by it.

As part of this, the children have pledged to do different things to help create a more caring world for people with dementia.

Here are some of the pledges made by children at Rhosddu Primary School, who took part in a session earlier this month 👇

They include pledges to make scrapbooks of photos to help grandparents recall precious memories, to be polite and patient, and to make more time to be with relatives with dementia.

Kindness and empathy

Rhosddu Primary School staff member Mrs Linda Aldridge says: “The children were really engaged in the session and had lots of questions about dementia.”

Deputy head teacher Mr T Owen adds: “It really got them thinking about some of the small things they can do for people who are living with the condition – including elderly relatives.

“It was lovely to see the kindness and empathy from the children as they learnt about dementia, and they’ve all promised to stick to their pledges.”

Other primary schools who’ve recently taken part in Dementia Friends sessions include St Paul’s (Isycoed), Victoria and Holt, and sessions are planned at the Rofft, Borras and Wat’s Dyke.

Wearing denim for dementia!

Some children have also been wearing denim as part of Dementia Awareness Week.

For example, pupils at St Paul’s Primary School in Isycoed, and Victoria CP School in Wrexham, held a ‘denim day for dementia’, and spent time learning about the topic.

The children at St Paul’s also read a book called ‘Harry helps Grandpa remember’ – by Karen Tyrrell – which helps children learn about the condition through an endearing story about a young boy and his granddad.

Councillor Joan Lowe, Wrexham Council’s Lead Member for Adult Social Care, says: “The maturity and empathy that children show when learning about dementia is really heart-warming, and I’m very proud of all the young people who’ve taken part in the Friends sessions.

“Many children will have relatives who are living with dementia, and by making pledges and doing things to raise awareness, they’re helping to make the world a kinder and better place.”

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