3D printer

A number of schools in Wrexham are working hard to produce ‘PPE’ to help frontline NHS workers.

The personal protective equipment – and in particular 3D-printed face visors – is being produced at schools using their design and technology facilities.

Councillor Mark Pritchard, Leader of the Wrexham Council, and Ian Bancroft, Chief Executive, have thanked all schools for volunteering to stay open over Easter, and for their efforts in producing PPE.

They said: “As well as remaining open over the Easter period to ensure critical workers can continue to provide frontline services, the efforts of schools in producing the visors will contribute to ensuring that frontline staff in the NHS can continue their roles as safely as possible .

“We’d like to thank all schools in Wrexham who are producing PPE, as well as schools, universities and colleges across the rest of the country who are part of this national effort.”

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