Wrexham student Milly captains her team to ice skating success

On February 7, a student at Darland High School in Wrexham took part in the Trophy d’Ecosse 2020 ice skating championships in Dumfries, Scotland, and captained her team to medal-winning success.

Milly Clarke is captain of The Deeside Cherubs, and they came away as winners of the bronze medal from their category. Everyone back at Darland are incredibly proud of Milly’s sporting achievement, which is fair reward for all her hard work.


“A major factor in the health of teenagers”

Staff at Darland High School recognise the great importance sport can have in student’s physical development, but also their overall wellbeing.

Miss Gardner, Head of PE at Darland, said: “Sport is a major factor in the health of teenagers. We have many successful sports teams at Darland High School and the department performs well every year in GCSE performance. However, we also encourage as many of our students as possible to get involved in sport outside of school.

“Competing in sport develops many skills and develops physical and mental wellness. We are delighted for Milly and wish her all the very best as she pursues her dream of ice skating glory.”

“Become better than the day before”

Milly, who’s been skating for two years now, explains that she’s always been passionate about the sport, as it “challenges me to become better than the day before”. When talking about skating, she simply beams with excitement.

Milly said: “I work on my own skills, such as developing my balance, flexibility and coordination, but skating with the Cherubs is about being part of a team and ensuring the synchronicity is up to standard.”

When asked about her future skating plans, Milly revealed: “I’m looking to perform as a solo skater in the future, with the aim of training to be an Ice Skating Coach one day”.

All that’s left to say is ‘good luck Milly’…we’ll keep an eye out for you 🙂

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