Christmas is always a busy time at the recycling centres, so it’s a really good idea to plan your visit in advance to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

We appreciate Christmas can be a particularly stressful time anyway, and you’ll likely want to get in-and-out of the facilities as soon as you can. That’s why it’s best to be prepared and have everything you need ready ahead of time.

Here are a couple of things you can do to before setting off that really helps us out, but also makes it a quicker and smoother for you as well…

Sort your recycling before leaving

Before setting off to your local recycling centre, please sort out the different materials, so you have them ready to deposit straight into the correct bays. This is one of the biggest ways you can help us out.

If you arrive with your recycling unsorted, you will be on the site for much longer as this will really slow your visit down.

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Always bring ID with you

Our recycling centres are only to be used by Wrexham residents, so upon arrival at the sites you’re asked to show us some ID so we can make sure you are local.

Remember to make sure you bring some with you, and having it ready for us will to check will also help to speed things up.

“Try to avoid the traditionally busier times”

Darren Williams, Chief Environment and Technical Officer, said: “The recycling centres are generally busier over Christmas than at other times of the year with many of us having more waste than usual, so when you visit please make sure you have your ID ready, and your materials pre-arranged ready to deposit in the correct bays. It’s also always a good idea to consider the timing of your visit and try to avoid the traditionally busier times wherever possible.

Opening times

Bryn Lane, Wrexham Industrial Estate LL13 9UT
8am – 8pm

The Lodge, Brymbo, Wrexham LL11 5NR
9am – 4pm

Wynnstay Bank, Plas Madoc, Wrexham LL14 3ES
9am – 4pm

Please note all three recycling centres will be closed on Christmas Day.

No recyclables in the general waste skip

If you’re bringing any black bags to the recycling centres, please make sure any plastic bottles, cans etc. mistakenly placed inside have been removed and placed in your kerbside recycling, or they can be recycled in the respective recycling banks at the recycling centre.

Anything for reuse?

You can donate to the re-use shop at any of the three recycling centres; just speak to one of the attendants who’ll point you in the right direction.

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