Temperatures over the last week have been incredibly cold, and while the council is making sure the roads are gritted, we all still need to be cautious!

The gritters have been out twice in the evenings over the last week, and sometimes in the mornings and afternoons too. But here are a few things that you need to be aware of to make sure you’re safe out and about over the coming few days and weeks:

  • where there is standing or running water you need to be extra careful, even if the road has been gritted
  • be extra careful on footpaths and footways as they remain frosty
  • a number of water leaks have cropped up around the county borough and where these are spilling onto already frozen ground, additional care needs to be taken. If the risks of these become significant, we will consider traffic management or road closures as a very last resort. Please keep an eye on our social media channels for updates
  • if you need to park on the street, to do so considerately remembering the large gritting vehicle may need to pass. If parked vehicles block the gritter we cannot get through to properly treat the route

As we approach the weekend, the weather forecast is due to change and while this may see some relief from the cold, rising temperatures can bring wet weather and, if temperatures remain low, we may see some snow in parts of the county borough.

Wrexham Council’s Twitter (@wrexhamcbc) and Facebook (@wrexhamcouncil) pages are updated regularly with news on gritting, traffic management and road closures so follow us to keep up to date.

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