Cardboard Egg Box Recycling

Recycling your household waste is a lot simpler than you might imagine…

Rather than unnecessarily cramming your black household bin until it’s overflowing, recycling correctly allows you to free more space and gives several benefits to the environment.

“Yeah, but what goes where?”

Ah, the dreaded “where should I put x, y and z?” Except it doesn’t need to be dreaded…here’s a very simple guide on how to recycle your household waste.


The Wheelie box

That’s right, the three-tiered one. Here’s a quick list of what should go in each of the boxes:

(If you haven’t got a wheelie box yet, please check our website for a guide on how you can recycle these items in your boxes/bags.)

Top box

• Cardboard packaging
• Corrugated cardboard
• Junk mail
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Yellow pages
• Catalogues
• Shredded paper
• Envelopes
• Paper toilet tubes
• Cardboard egg boxes
• Large boxes (should be ripped up and placed inside)

Middle box

• Plastic bottles
• Plastic pots
• Plastic trays
• Plastic tubs
• Cans
• Tins
• Aerosols
• Clean foil

Bottom box

• Glass bottles
• Glass jars

You shouldn’t put broken glass, food and drink cartons, dirty nappies, cling film or crisp packets in any of the boxes.

Green garden bin

This can be used to recycle the following:

• Grass cuttings
• Hedge and shrub prunings
• Dead flowers
• Weeds

You shouldn’t put soil, wood, bricks, Japanese knotweed, pet and animal faeces or any type of cardboard inside.

Grey kerbside caddy

The following can be placed into compostable bags and then placed inside the caddy:

• Fruit and veg – raw and cooked
• Meat and fish – raw and cooked
• Bones and egg shells
• Rice, pasta, cereal and noodles
• Bread, cakes, pastries and biscuits
• Tea bags and coffee grounds
• Cheese, eggs and yogurts
• Beans, nuts, pulses and seeds
• Uneaten food from your plate

Plastic carrier bags and food packaging should not be placed inside.

You can recycle many more items at any of the three household recycling centres we have in Wrexham.

Hopefully you now have a greater understanding of how you can recycle correctly. It really is much easier than you might imagine.

How to become a recycling superhero…in two simple steps.