Underneath the Arches at Pontcysyllte in Wrexham

The wait is nearly over. This year’s Underneath the Arches is just around the corner.

So to help you have the best night possible, we’ve compiled a list of six things to keep in mind…

1. Travelling by car?

Do yourself a favour…avoid causing traffic problems, or even risking a parking fine, by making use of the free car-parking provided by the festival.

2. Check the permitted alcohol amount

What’s worse than labouring a crate of beers down a steep hill in the summer heat…then being told to leave them at the gate because you didn’t check the alcohol limits? 🙁

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, check the permitted alcohol limits before buying your drinks…

  • 8 x 440ml cans / or 330ml bottles of beer, lager or cider or…
  • 1 x 75cl bottle of wine or…
  • 1 x 50cl or 0.5ltr bottle of spirits


3. Bring your phone / camera

Make this year’s Underneath the Arches more than a memory by capturing your favourite moments.

Grabbing a few pics might even stand you a chance of winning tickets for next year’s instalment 😉

Underneath the Arches
Hey Homer…it’s Underneath the Arches this Friday!

4. Get the kids out!

Underneath the Arches is suitable for the whole family. And with schools breaking up on the same day, what better way is there to kick-off the summer holidays?

5. Looking to relax? Bring a chair

Why not make the most out of this year’s instalment by giving your legs a rest and bringing your own chair?

Enhance your Underneath the Arches experience by enjoying the evening’s entertainment in comfort.

6. Take your litter home

Although we’re all encouraged to have the best time possible, it’s important to be considerate to local residents. A great way to do this is to take home any litter from any snacks you bring to the festival.

So…has this got you in the mood for this year’s Underneath the Arches? Nice one…we’ll see you on Friday, July 20.

And if you haven’t got your tickets yet, click on the button below to buy them now…